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Q: What are Listen for Life™ and passportM™?

A: Travels with Music™ is a production of Listen for Life™, a global nonprofit music-media organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of music culture worldwide. And this production is distributed by passportM™, an emerging global music, marketing and merchandising brand distributed via television, radio, internet, print, and interactive media to a worldwide audience.

Q: How do I get more info about Travels with Music?

A: We love that you are exploring and have an interest in Travels with Music™! To learn more, please contact us at:

510-540-8136 (Phone)
1201 Martin Luther King, Jr Way
Oakland, CA 94612

Q: What do I need for this program to work?

A: This program uses Adobe’s Flash 8, so any system and browser that runs FlashPlayer 8 (or higher) is sufficient. If you do not have FlashPlayer 8 installed, you may download it from Adobe’s website and follow the download instructions on the FlashPlayer page.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: You have a choice of how to purchase Travels with Music™!
Each series of Travels with Music can be delivered via either interactive DVD (for computer) or on a DVD-Video full-screen DVD-Video (for television/computer DVD players) mailed to any postal address worldwide.

Please visit the Travels With Music Store  here.

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